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Wall Guards

Suited for high-traffic areas. Wall guards offer maximum protection against wheelchair, forklift, cart and furniture impacts. Manufactured with high quality rubber, to provide a great compression set.

Corner Guards

Protect your building columns and corners with our corner guards. Our corner guards have a high visibility strip, and dedicated drill holes.


Prevent damage to your parking areas by installing our high quality car stoppers. Each car stopper is:

  • Weather & UV Resistant.
  • High Impact Resistant, and Durable.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Heavy duty metal bolts or Chemical Anchor Bolts used to secure them in a rigid position


Rubber speed bumps are much more cost effective than alternatives like concrete, metal, or asphalt. They are durable and long lasting - will not chip or crack and are weather resistant. They are very easy to install, typically in an hour or less. They require much less maintenance.

Cable Protectors

These are rubber bumps with built in channels to protect your cables. Used where temporary cables are placed.