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Are the goods made locally?

A large number of the goods we sell are made by us. The only goods that we import are the ones that require complex systems to manufacture.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Yes, most goods have a minimum quantity, or a certain packaging requirement that must be met. Please contact us for more information on the product you wish to order.

Do you make specialized rubber items?

Yes, we do! We can develop the item, tailored to your requirements, provided that your quantity is large enough.

Do you make specialized adhesives?

Yes, we do! We can develop adhesives that meet your specific requirements. Please contact us, providing specifics on what you require from the adhesive.

Do you have material certification?

All our products have the relevant KEBS certification.

Do you provide samples for testing?

Samples are available on request for most items.

Do you keep stock or a order has to be placed?

We keep stocks for most of the items. However, specialized items, or certain items with an expiry date, are on an order basis only. Please contact us for more information on the product you are interested in.

How long take to complete the order?

If it is a specialized item that we have to develop, it would vary with each item. For every other item, please contact us for the item in question.

Do you provide shipping or transportation services?

Transportation is provided free of charge to locations not exceeding a 1km radius from the factory. Please contact us with your location, and we will advise if a delivery charge will be applied.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, we only accept M-PESA, cheques and direct bank transfers. We are currently working on accepting cards and google/apple pay. Crypto currencies are unfortunately not accepted at this time.

What payment terms do you accept?

Terms are only offered to companies that have an account with us. For information on opening an account with us, please contact us..