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It is ideal for construction industry as well as formica, furniture, body building, and shoe industry


Used in body building, furniture, handbags and shoe industries


Used in shoe and handbags.

Specialized Adhesives

Book Binding Glue

We also provide glue that can help in binding of books

Lamination Glue

We also have a range of adhesives in lamination of paper, paper bags and also bonding of cartons

Custom Adhesives

We have the ability to make adhesives to your requirements and needs

Wood Adhesives

Premium Professional Wood Glue

Ideal for bonding of hardwood and furniture

Superior Wood Joinery

Ideal for bonding of softwood and furniture

Economy Wood Glue

Ideal for bonding of softwood

Flush door wood glue

Ideal for bonding of Flush doors

Flooring Adhesives

Ceramic Tile Glue

It has high solids used for ceramic bonding and is quick drying

Parquet Glue

A water base adhesive for parquet and woodblock bonding

PVC Tile Glue

A quick drying PVA adhesive for bonding PVC tiles